Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PSYOP Award and Regimental Update

By way of update on the prospects of a PSYOP award. USACAPOC facilitated a conference call among the Groups and others yesterday. Various names and concepts were discussed. Here’s an unofficial summary of where we are:

  • There is general agreement that a PSYOP award is badly needed.
  • The concept of two PSYOP awards was discussed. One award for military personnel, active, retired, reserve, deceased, etc. and another for non-military personnel such as civilians working in support of PSYOP.
  • It was agreed that Regimental Week is the most appropriate forum to present the award and that the award and its presentation would be another reason for all the Groups to actively participate in Regimental week.
  • While there was no general agreement as to the name of the award, MG McClure seemed to be the favorite honoree for the military award and Samuel Adams for the non-military one.
  • Additional research would be done on how other branches/regiments handle their awards such as Field Artillery, MI, CA, etc.
  • The results of the research and the way forward would be discussed at the World Wide PSYOP Conference with a possible goal being to present the first award at PSYOP Regimental Week at Fort Bragg, NC during the week of 3 June.

    As for the PSYOP Regiment – perhaps the time has come to formalize the Regiment. Past efforts have proven to be dismal failures in my opinion due to lack of participation and desire by the serving force and internecine activities between the two PSYOP Associations.

    To succeed the Regiment must be under the penumbra of the PSYOP Groups and supported by active, separated, retired and others who are interested in the formalization of the Regiment. It is appropriate to use this Blog as a discussion forum on both the Award and the Regiment.

    Your input is encouraged!

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