Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monterey: The Promised Land for CA and PSYOP?

Monterey, California is among the nicest places in the world. The Pacific is breathtaking and it boasts a variety of natural and manmade treasures. And even though it is not exactly a low rent neighborhood, it hosts the Defense Language Institute (DLI) and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). The NPS is among the most progressive of military institution and has successfully positioned itself as a “Center of Excellence” in several areas such as Information Operations and Homeland Security. Interestingly enough it has also pioneered the concept of a Civil Affairs (CA) Center of Excellence and there is talk of creating a similar PSYOP institution.

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Given the world situation, the optempo and the growing need for both of these critical missions, the time has certainly come. There are also significant murmurings of the reserve components for CA and PSYOP to once again be part of the SOF world. This is another move that is long overdue.

Both CA and PSYOP need to nurture the academic side of their branches. Both branches will face heightened demand in the 21st century because they are vital across the spectrum of conflict. Faced with a changing political and technological environment in which to operate, the branches need to have some academic space to think about how to optimize the way their soldiers are prepared to execute the mission. This type of strategic/academic thinking is best when not influenced by the current doctrine so as to avoid tunnel vision and the ‘we always did it that way’ syndrome.

Kudos to all those involved and be prepared to write your Senator and Congressperson when it comes time for budgets and funding.


Brad Carr said...

As current student at NPS and PSYOP/MISO professional, I could not agree more. CMF 37 needs to drastically increase the numbers it sends to NPS (both officer and senior NCO). Our branch is doing a diservice by not sending more people to various higher education institutions to increase the power and acumen of their influence craft. With the newly formed MISOC, the time is ripe to take the initiative.

James (Jim) Monroe said...

Fellow MISO NCOs, let me jump on the bandwagon here. The Defense Analysis program is a great opportunity, and an incredible experience. If you are looking for superior self-development, and a great professional community this is the place. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.