Friday, September 9, 2011

A 9/11 Commentary

All of us were affected by 9/11 one way or another. Whether it was multiple OCONUS tours or getting used to taking your shoes off at airports. On one hand MISO optempo remains brisk and DOD can’t seem to get its collective act together to address problems that are generally acknowledged.

On the other hand, individual MISO soldiers continue to exceed expectations on the job and can take pride in their ability to support the CDR across the globe and combat spectrum. The past decade has witnessed long and expensive wars. Iraq is no longer an enemy state run by a dictator, but it is surely not a democratic friend either.

Afghanistan remains a sub-feudal state with ingrained corruption and a populace that doesn’t appreciate our presence there more than they did the Russians.

An unfortunate and generally ignored by-product of all this is the welfare of the men and women who have sacrificed much to support their country by doing whatever was asked of them, when it was asked and wherever that duty took them.

Over the years many of our brothers and sisters who have served have not fared well after their service. Unemployment, depression, addiction and homelessness have been their companions. As you think about life after 9/11, consider why you should be thankful for what you have.

My personal remembrance for 9/11 will be volunteering at a VA organized stand down for homeless veterans, remember and support our brothers and sisters in the way you are most comfortable, for any one of us could have been or may need the support of others in the future.

FAQ on VA Stand down in Boulder Creek, CA: Photo source:

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