Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doing is harder than thinking.

I’m delighted to get the opportunity of actually ‘doing’ MISO a couple of times a year for the past several years. I get to portray the IO Officer on a two star Admiral’s staff for an exercise. This means I’m the go to guy for all things PSYOP/MISO, EW and CNO.

While I certainly enjoy pontificating on the major high level problems of our day, being in the hot seat and having to develop FragOs, themes and messages while planning for, requesting and moving the MISO resources around requires a much more detailed perspective.

Many of the exercise players have had experience with MISO while others have none. So I have to be ready to answer questions and provide coaching and tutoring as needed.

This semi-annual deep dive gives me an appreciation for the kind of challenges MISO professionals face ever day, albeit in a rarefied atmosphere. Much of what we do requires creativity and cultural sensitivity related to those we are seeking to influence, while a good portion of our success is also related to personnel skills, military bearing and the ability to work with all ranks – both very senior and very junior to your own.

Once again, I am blessed to be a part of the Regiment.

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Soldier-Cynic said...

"Doing is harder than thinking" is a pithy but essentially meaningless comment. To execute DOING with any hope of success in a complex environment demands THINKING, likewise THINKING demands DOING to validate hypotheses--the two concepts must be inexorably intertwined.

Lawrence Dietz said...

@Cynic. The phrase is a headline to attract readers and apparently it worked.