Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kudos To The 4th POG For PSYOP Regimental Week

It was a high personal and professional privilege to be invited and participate in the first PSYOP Regimental Week. The event was organized and run by the 4th POG and crammed an incredible agenda into a fully packed three days.

Each of the POB hosted an open house where soldiers showcased their efforts with pictures, displays, presentations and conversation. I personally learned a lot and was very impressed by the poise of our PSYOP soldiers. Presentations were of a very high caliber and addressed best practices, previous campaigns and equipment.

The Strategic Studies Department offered insights into their work and were able to engage in dialogue with PSYOP soldiers resulting in a healthy interchange of information and views.

There were also displays of new concepts in PSYOP related equipment to provide a glimpse into future capabilities and to elicit input from experienced PSYOPers on how the equipment could be adapted for optimal suitability to future missions.

The week was completed with an awards ceremony that honored outstanding achievements by 4th POG athletes. The closing ceremony was a moving tribute to the history of PSYOP and to our fallen comrades. Names and images of or KIA were honored in a fitting close to an exceptional week.

Hopefully this will be the first of many such events for the Community and that succeeding events will involve not just the 4th POG but the 2nd and 7th POGs as well.

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