Friday, December 14, 2007

Regimental Blog Kick Off Post

This is the initial posting to the PSYOP Regimental Blog. All of us in the PSYOP community understand the pressing need to communicate and share information, views and perspectives, after all, as PSYOPers, that’s our stock in trade.

It’s fitting that as we prepare to welcome 2008 we harness today’s technology to help us address tomorrow’s needs and adversaries. Like all blogs, this one is meant to be a both a personal and a Community effort. Blogs are fluid, they don’t require attenuated approval cycles or data bases of e-mail addresses, I encourage each of you to read and if you’d like to contribute. Interaction can be public through the blog or you can e-mail me personally at As the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment I will publish postings on an irregular basis.

I am personally indebted to COL Curt Boyd, Commander of the 4th PSYOP Group and his personnel for taking the initiative and mustering the resources to orchestrate the first Annual PSYOP Regimental Week at Fort Bragg. It was an energizing experience for us all and I’m eagerly looking forward to next year when we’ll be able to include the other POGs as well.
In upcoming postings I’ll provide perspective of that event and of my visit to the First Army FOB where our Reserve PSYOP soldiers are being prepared for mobilization.

Even though PSYOP units may have split into two different chains of command, we as PSYOP Professionals need to stay connected to insure our own unity of effort.
Yours in the Regiment,

Lawrence D. Dietz, COL (R), US Army Reserve

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