Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shoe Maker’s Children and MISO

Imagine my surprise when I say today’s (10 May 2012) Frontpost in my e-mail box talking about how the World Wide MISO Conference scheduled for Tampa, FL from 4 – 8 June needs 100 registrants by COB 15 May or it will be cancelled.

I find it absolutely amazing that a PSYOP, excuse me MISO Conference, is short attendees, and that they are raising the red flag a mere 5 days before the cutoff is being made.

As an old proverb once said “The shoemaker’s children are often barefoot.”

Nevertheless, if you would like to attend – the Agenda looks very worthwhile and it is clearly an opportunity to network with the Community, here’s the link to register: If you would like to attend, but don’t have Intelink access, you can contact MAJ Kevin Myers at:

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Soldier-Cynic said...

I think a fundamental problem with attendance is getting the information out. As a brigade PSYOP NCO, and later division PSYOP NCO in the hinterlands of big Army, I never received an invitation. One would think the conference would be a good tool for the exiled to stay current, but maybe that's just me. Heck, in my thirteen years as a PSYOP NCO I have never received an invitation.