Monday, January 25, 2010

The Passing of COL (R) Jeff Jones – A Sad Day For PSYOP

COL (R) Jeffrey B. Jones passed away on Sunday evening 24 January. Jeff was the consummate PSYOP professional and an extraordinary gentleman. I first met COL Jones in 1993 was he was the Commander of the 4th POG and I was the S-3 of the 7th POG working for then COL Altshuler. It was obvious that the two CDR liked and respected each other. This feeling of camaraderie filtered down through the staffs in what I termed “The Golden Age of PSYOP” because the active and reserve components truly worked together as a single force.

(Photo is mine: from left to right, COL (R) Larry Dietz, Mrs. Jones, COL (R) Jeff Jones, Mrs. Boyd and COL Curt Boyd, then CDR, 4th POG)
We had frequent coordinating meetings where we shared the duties for support and addressed issues of importance to the entire PSYOP community. This was due in a large part to Jeff’s statesmanship and strategic insight.

COL Jones was more than an outstanding officer, he was a diplomat. He did a tour in the White House and his final military assignment was as Defense Attaché in the US Embassy Paris. I visited him there and his office was as palatial as his hospitality. At the time the PSYOP community was united in the hope that Jeff would be our first PSYOP flag officer, but this was not to be.

Jeff worked on national security issues after his retirement. He worked with the National Security Council and on various projects and assignments dealing with PSYOP and Strategic Communications.

In 2007 I had the good fortune to work with Jeff on a project for USSOCOM. I could see that the cancer was starting to take its toll, but it didn’t diminish Jeff’s talents or ability to contribute.

As the process for the McClure Medal moved along it was clear to me that it would be fitting to honor Jeff’s lifetime of service to PSYOP and I’m pleased that this came to pass last June.

PSYOP has lost one of its guiding light and many of us have lost a mentor and a good friend. My family and I extend our deepest sympathies to Jeff’s wife Pam and to all his family and friends.


Ron Evans said...

Words cannot express how proud I am to have had the honor and privilege of associating with Jeff Jones. A true leader of men and women, a soldier, a loving soul. Thank you sir...I shall never forget you! May the good Lord keep you close to his vest!

Ron Evans

Al Lunt said...

I had the distinct privilege to work on a SOCOM PSYOP project with COL (Ret) Jeff Jones in 2007. Although fully engaged in his cancer treatment, his intellect and stamina were amazing. His understanding of PSYOP and strategic communications was unmatched. He will be greatly missed by the PSYOP community. My sincere condolences to Pam and his family.

Anonymous said...

Jeff stood out at West Point. Such a powerful presence - what a shock to see him go so early. One must wonder had he adhered to the holy Oath we all took at Trophy Point and helped bring Bush and Cheney to justice for their 9/11 treason against the Constitution and People, if G-d might have kept him strong, alive, and well. Perhaps there's a lesson for those yet in the ranks enriching themselves defying Annuit Coeptis. G-d is not mocked. Death for treason.

Jack Summe, COL(R), U.S. Army said...

All, I recently read the post from "Anonymous" from Jan 14, 2011 and I was greatly dismayed at the lack of respect and grotesque assumptions that have been made by this author. Of all the people I've been friends with, mentored by and worked for, Jeffrey B. Jones most represented the concept of Annuit Coeptis! (In the sense of the phase, simply "God favors our undertakings.") Jeff's overarching focus throughout his career was to do what was right, be honorable and dedicated in all that you do, and work to save the lives of both adversary and allies to the extent possible. (I worked for Jeff on and off since he was a Lt. Col. in the US Army and, at one point, he worked for me as a contractor.) I believe that the Holy Oath that Jeff took at Trophy Point ensured that Jeff supported the lawful orders and direction of those appointed above him and to defend this Nation from adversaries to the greatest extent possible under policy and law. I can personally attest that Jeff did that very thing to his dying breath. He always stood for what was right and good and never "enriched himself by defying Annuit Coeptis." COL(R) Jeffrey B. Jones was the epitome of a loyal and faithful servant, and treason was not in his vocabulary. I think the fact that this post was sent by someone who refused to identify himself speaks a great deal about the character of the author. Jeff Jones should be venerated for his dedicated service to his country, and those that worked with and for him will always remember him as an honorable servant for the good of our Nation!

Lawrence Dietz said...


Could not agree with you more. As you know I proposed Jeff for the McClure Gold Medal.

I view the Blog as a conduit of information and neither judge the merits or agree with all of the posts.


Steven Burden, SFC (R) USA said...

I worked for Col Jones when he was the Commander of the 8th PSYOP Bn (Abn) and the 4th PSYOP Gp (Abn) during Desert SHIELD, STORM and CALM. Hands down, he is the best commander I ever had. I deeply morn his passing.