Friday, May 20, 2016

Pin Point PSYOP – Influencing Needles in Haystacks

When we think of MISO we generally think about large-scale operations, that is, reaching everyone or large groups in an area. Alternatively PSYOP can be aimed at specific individuals or segments that have similar media habits. However, there are those cases where you need to reach some people who define typical classifications.

A case in point where you want to influence people who are passing through an area and direct them to a central point while you don’t want others to go there. This may be a situation where you want selected individuals to assemble in a location, but you don’t want to inform adversaries or others.

Another situation might be when you want to stop the movement of people through an area. You might want to do this because they would be in danger if they kept moving or it might be that it is operationally or politically desirable for these people not to leave their current location.

The most efficient technique might be to employ IOs and NGOs to spread the world among their constituents if they can do this consistent with their organizational goals and philosophies. Another technique might be the use of loud speakers to provide verbal instructions to groups that need to be directed to central locations. Another might be to employ roving tactical teams to the same.

These kinds of campaigns preclude broadcast messaging because they would reach audiences much broader than the intended recipients. Perhaps this all goes to show that PSYOP/MISO is very much a human business and constantly requires people skills. As always, reader input is appreciated.

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