Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back From the Sea

I know you are all curious as to why I missed a couple of weeks. Uncharacteristically I decided to go on an adventure. The former CDR of the CJICTF (Combined Joint Information Campaign Task Force) organized a week long sailing adventure on a 210 foot schooner which was a replica of an 1880s schooner. (

The trip was billed as the Grumpy Old Men Bucket List Tour and consisted of mostly – Pretty Mellow Old Guys. We left Fort Lauderdale on Sunday the 18th and docked in Charleston on Friday 16 April. Consequently my efforts were focused on maximizing my preparedness for the trip.

From a PSYOP perspective I learned that a diverse group of strangers could work together in a common effort outside of their comfort zone. This underscores the power of face to face communication and the notion that deep down – we are all just people.

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