Thursday, January 20, 2011

MISO – A Flag Officer In Sight? and McClure Award Update

Admiral Eric T. Olson, the Commander USSOCOM, the joint proponent for Military Information Support (MIS) Operations is moving forward with his vision for a MIS Command. He is de-establishing the Joint Military Information Support Command at Mac Dill AFB and moving the bulk of those resources to Fort Bragg, NC which will be the home of the Command.

My information indicated that the Command would consist of 2 MIS Groups. It’s not clear to me if the Commander of the MISC would report to the CG of the Army Special Operations Command since he is the senior Special Operations Forces officer at Bragg or whether the unit would report directly to Admiral Olson.

In any event this is a giant step for the community and will cement Fort Bragg’s role as the center of gravity for military information support operations physically, organizationally and spiritually. Of course the down side is that Bragg is a long way from the 4* flagpole and dominating Army flavor may diminish joint cohesion.

In any event – we’ll all stay tuned for further details.
Recognition of our outstanding soldiers and community supporters is growing as the 4th MIS Group (Abn) will be hosting a ceremony on 21 to award Silver and Bronze McClure Medals. This is great news. All MI troop units, active and reserve need the ability to recognize excellence in our field. Hopefully, BG Sacolick has provided his guidance and input on the process for awarding these medals and that all of the Groups in the community have the authorization to do so. If not, Group CDRs need to rattle their Chains of Command.

The 4th MISG is also recognizing several honorary members of the Regiment which is also appropriate and hopefully the guidance on how to do so has also been spider webbed through the community.

On a personal note, I will be attending the funeral of my former First Sergeant for my first Company Command. 1SG Arthur Shepherd was more than my senior NCO, he was my partner, my mentor and my friend. He helped me to be a better officer and was the most outstanding NCO I ever worked with in my 27 year command.

Art was also a great champion of the West and noted for his common sense and passion for horses, perhaps his influence is one of the reasons I have taken up Cowboy Action Shooting. I think of him often.

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