Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Putting The Band Back Together

Today’s post is more of a group scavenger hunt. As a former MI Officer and current security professional, I tend to get a bit paranoid about sourcing. I believe that one has to cite your sources. If you do it shows that you have done your homework and if the reader or listener takes issue with what you have provided, then their issue is with the source not you.

All of us feel passionately about where PSYOP/MISO belongs. Those of us who had the privilege of being a part of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) strongly believe that all MISO needs to be united under this banner. USASOC via the JFK Special Warfare Center & School, the proponent for the branch. ASOC is in a much better position to be the overall lead/command for the branch for many reasons not the least of which is mission knowledge and history.

Recently several of my sources have advised me that 
the ASD SOLIC has reported to Congress: 

"The 2006 realignment and subsequent designation of more than two-thirds of the force as non-SOF contributed to unintended funding, equipping, ownership, and interoperability constraints on the acquisition, procurement, and sustainment of MISO
equipment for Army Reserve forces.  For efficiency, unity of command, unity of effort, and the ability to support both special operations and conventional forces more effectively, the Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), the Army’s designated proponent for MISO, will lead the effort for future consolidation of the Army’s Active and Reserve MIS force under a single command. "

"This report is submitted pursuant to section 1086 of the Conference Report
(House Report 112-329) to accompany H.R. 1540 the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012" 

I have sent an e-mail to my Congress person asking her (Rep Zoe Lofgren (D) San Jose) to get a copy for me. If any of y’all have a copy or a URL I’d appreciate it.

Photo of Honorable Michael A. Sheehan, ASD SOLIC, Source:


Anonymous said...

Can you post the link here when someone passes it to you? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's about time. The last 6 years have dragged out the gnashing and thrashing amongst Psyop Regimental leadership but most can agree that the '06 DoD leaders should never have "thrown the baby out with the bathwater." The MISOC, albeit provisional, is up and running. No reason to let its FDU approval linger on at DA.

Lawrence Dietz said...


If I get a publicly available link to the report I will publish it.


Voodoo said...

Apparently the ASD SOLIC who non-concurred last year got fired.

That's good news.