Friday, May 23, 2014

Comic Books – Still A Relevant PSYOP Vehicle?

One of the more popular items during my time in Bosnia was the Superman Comic Book dealing with mines. It was designed to help kids understand the dangers associated with mines and with the cooperation of DC Comics. (short note about it found at:

In today’s pile of electronic stuff I couldn’t help but notice that there is a new comic book in the works on Edward Snowden (see:, which is also the photo source).

While I haven’t gone through the effort to download it. I must admit I was pleased to see that the popularity of comic books (at least in the Western English speaking world) hasn’t decreased. For more on this you can check out:

In the day and age of smart phones, super smart tablets and texting, I found it quite refreshing to see that some things seem to transcend the digital age. I’d also wager that comic books, some without words might even be useful in some future MISO engagements in places where literacy is lacking.

Memorial Day Commentary
This is the start of the annual Memorial Day Weekend here in the US. I’d like my readers to take a moment away from the BBQ and remember our comrades who are no longer with us. I often think about my visits to the Viet Nam Memorial where the names of one of my childhood friends, a Marine and one of my classmates at college, a Marine officer are etched.

I will also be revisiting the Civil War this weekend at an annual reenactment. I can certainly relate to the modern era, but sometimes we forget about the primitive conditions of wars past and the hardships our forebears had to deal with.

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