Friday, March 6, 2015

Next PSYOP Combat Badge: Social Media?

DOD has hired its first Digital Media Director. Defense One (see: reported that Stephanie Dreyer will be the Pentagon’s first “director for digital media and strategy, will be tasked specifically with strategizing around the use of social media” to foster communication between the SecDef and the Public.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when I reported to ROTC Summer Camp at the Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, affectionately known as IGMR, I remember being told that every man is an infantryman.

Today every soldier, especially MISO personnel is a social media warrior. If a stodgy and incredibly large organization such as DOD recognizes that social media is a critical influence resource, it follows that each of us in the Community needs to be capable of firing that weapons system just as we are capable of firing our personally assigned weapons.

This implies that all personnel within DOD receive some level of training and guidance on the use of social media. We have all seen the OPSEC implications of providing too much out there, but not many of us have been fortunate enough to have a ‘rabbi’ to teach us the in’s and outs of social media.

Personally, I think I’m pretty good at FaceBook and LinkedIn, but frankly I haven’t given a ‘tweet’ about the others.

Perhaps this kind of self-examination is appropriate considering that this is my 400th Blog entry since the start of the Regimental Blog.

While I don’t’ get much in the way of communications from Fort Bragg or the USAR units, I try to provide useful material and references for the community as best as I can.

I’d like to thank you as readers and especially those of you out there who have been interested enough to send me your comments.

Input as to future postings is welcome.

Thanks for your support!

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