Friday, March 11, 2016

PSYOPing Convoys – Any Suggestions?

 Normally my postings are in ‘transmit mode, that is I’m sending information and/or opinion and analysis. Today’s posting is a bit different. I’m asking for some suggestions.

Recently I was working a CPX where the scenario called for non-kinetic measures to be applied against a convoy to encourage them to turn around before kinetic measures were taken. The scenario was written before I arrived on the scene so all I could realistically do is to work with what was given.

Small country wherein an Army officer had the loyalty of several brigades. One of those brigades was slated to move from its home location to the capital city as a part of an attack to dislodge the government.

The scenario I was given said “there were leaflets on the ground”, etc.

Other facts included that this particular army had no anti-aircraft capability other than small arms and RPGs. The convoy had only one route along the MSR.

My op was pretty simple. Rotary wing aircraft dropped leaflets on the convoy’s route with some of them actually falling over the vehicles (remember this is make believe).

Of course the convoy continued on until a couple of F18s took out the lead element.

I’ll be replaying this scenario in the near future and would appreciate any suggestions from the field.

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