Sunday, January 1, 2017

Millennials Are A Tough Propaganda Target – Even For the Chinese

I had the best intentions of taking two weeks off for the Blog, but in reading the NY Times on my iPad this morning I came across “Propaganda With A Millennial Twist Pops Up in China” (see:; which is also the photo source)

It seems that even the government of the PRC is having issues trying to influence their younger citizens. They have even resorted to hiring outside contractors who translate government messages into animation designed to appeal to millennials.

It must be quite a challenge to transmit messages from the most controlling of Chinese leaders in way that will appeal to digital natives. Chinese President Xi Jinping realizes the importance of employing the native digital media to reach millennials. He also realizes that influence is not a quick business and often requires the classic media principles of frequency and reach.

According to the article, “the party has invested millions in animated videos that cast Mr. Xi as a compassionate champion of Chinese workers. Scholars have delivered TED-style talks that rail against Western imperialism. Hip-hop songs pay homage to party history and warn of America’s efforts to topple the Chinese government.”

The article also points out that the venerable People’s Daily is employing video and animation.

However, it is quite comforting to learn that these government sponsored efforts are not universally accepted. While some videos may have one viral – that’s a measure of production (how many), not a measure of effectiveness (how well they accomplish their influence mission.

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