Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time to Salute and Execute!

OK - the name change is done, now get over it. We have much too much other stuff to deal with. Sources indicate that DOD is considering reversing the divorce and putting MISO back under SOF. The momentum for a vibrant Regimental Association is growing, so let's all be good soldiers receiving a lawful order.

Here are the words of one of our community members:

With respect for ALL PSYOP'ers past and present...

PSYOP... MISO... Tomatoes, tomatillos...
Look, bottom line; we get the information/intel AND results that the CO's need for their respective AO's.

Influencing: check
Collecting and analyzing data: check
Conducting/executing bottom driven missions to impact region specific demographics: check
Mediation: check
Force Security: check
Giving credibility to occupying Friendly Forces: check
Winning the Hearts AND Minds: check

TPT's TDT's, MISO Teams, whatever label is out there, Active Duty and Reserve; it doesn't matter; WE GET THE JOB DONE...

Make sure we take care of our Troops and everything will fall in line.

Peace and Love to ALL my Brother and Sister PSYOP'ers out there!

Drive on!



Voodoo said...

The problem with the entire MISO concept is not the name, but the fact that labels define activity. PSYOP has slowly moved from a social science based art towards a marketing architecture, and from behavior change and influence towards simply providing information. The ugly truth is that information simply does not change behavior. Western marketing techniques don't work in behavior modification in other cultures. Marketing is a subset of PSYOP - not the other other way around.

The fear is that the US has essentially abdicated the idea-front, and for those of us with an intimate understanding of the current ideological war, this retreat will cost us dearly.

They could call us Rainbow Brite's Carebear Sunflowers if they wanted, if the doctrine refocused on true psychological warfare, where manipulating specific behaviors was the the goal.

Voodoo said...

Also - we've been hearing about a divorce reversal ever since before the divorce actually happened. Making this happen (as well as enhancing SOF reserves across the board, from Aviation to CA to SF) is going to be crucial in the ongoing conflict, which is simply not going to disappear because politicians don't want to deal with it anymore.

Michael A. Aquino, LTC, PO, AUS-Ret. said...

I agree with "Voodoo" here. In and of itself, "MISO" is a silly name-change for naïve P/R reasons which fools absolutely no one. What it does do is to imply that the PSYOP elements of the Army need to be embarrassed about, if not indeed ashamed of who they really are and what they really do. This builds neither professionalism nor esprit de corps. It makes U.S. Army PSYOP a laughingstock, despite the best-face effort of obedient "MISO" commanders.

As you point out, once the Pentagon gods have decreed something, operational commanders are expected to salute and do the best they can with it. So if it is a stupid idea, those of us in the retired PSYOP community are going to have to take some interest and rattle a few Washington, D.C. cages. The issue is not whether we'd prefer a spooky name to a frilly-apron one, but whether this component of the American war machine is going to have the identity, pride, and image to function as effectively as it possibly can.

Otherwise, in a particularly cruel irony, we're just PSYOPing ourselves into impotence, ineffectiveness, and irrelevance.

Psyoppa said...

ok ITS STUPID, NOT ONLY STUPID REALLY REALLY DUMB- how would air borne infantry if we called them " Air Service Soldiers/ or Specialist"
or if we called " air assualt infantry " "Special Helicopter Introduction Teams" - fck!ng dumb thats how, I heard an Admiral came up with that, navy , not even army, petty politics, from a desk worker. and this PC drama that is gripping america is rediculous, Hey would you join a Special Commo Assistance Team- S.C.A.T is all over the place. Balistic air Lazer Launchers- deploy the B.A.L.Ls - that whole drive on accept it shit is for yes men who patted that moron on the back for every idea he came up with- including miso