Saturday, October 1, 2011

MISO and the Generation Gap

For the past week I have been attending an elite information security conference ( in Ireland. Unlike most cyber security conferences which are mired in technical details, this one explores higher level issues.

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One of the more interesting topics was the nature of personal privacy or the lack thereof on the Internet. A key side bar was the fact that the younger generation has little or no concerns and is given to texting and social networks for even the most intimate communications.

There are a number of important PSYOP principles that flow from these trends. First of all, as Sun Tzu would advise - know your target. This means campaigns addressed to younger audiences probably should be crafted by that age group.

A second observation is that lack of expected privacy opens up a significant opportunity for the potential use of deception in the IO campaign.

Thirdly, denial of electronic communications can mean infliction of a high level of stress and anxiety.

Consequently, campaigns targeting any age specific population group should employ a collaborative environment that includes people within the target age categories in addition to appropriate linguistic and cultural knowledge. If such a mix is not available, then it is highly recommended that rigorous pretesting be employed prior to launching the campaign.


Anonymous said...

...and your title has nothing to do with your post, dear Sir. Aside from the half-hearted mention of "the younger Generation" - you skew the discussion off into another direction.

Sounds more like you are discussing Computer Network Operations rather than MISO.

While related (and complementary) - MISO is not CNO.

What is an IO Campaign? This inappropriate use of this terms propogates misunderstanding and bastardization of influence objectives.

Whatever point you are trying to make - I missed it. Sorry, Sir - please help.

Lawrence Dietz said...

OK, maybe I'm a bit jet lagged. The point I was trying to make is that if you are trying to influence a specific age target audience, it is appropriate to employ people of the target's age to help craft the influence messages and media.