Thursday, April 17, 2014

IO Given Cyber Boost?

This morning (17 April 2014) I attended a webinar hosted by the Association of Old Crows (AOC) on Army Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA). The speaker was COL Jim Ekvall, Chief, Electronic Warfare Division, HQDA DCS G-3/5/7.

For those of you unfamiliar with the AOC, you can check them out at: According to the organization “The name ''Old Crows'' emerged from the first large scale use of EW during World War II. The radio receivers and transmitters used to monitor enemy transmissions and to jam enemy radio and radar frequencies were assigned the codename ''Raven.'' Operators who manned the equipment for those missions were known as ''Raven Operators.'' Common jargon later changed the name ''Raven'' to ''Crow.''”.

According to the new FM 3-38 CEMA are orchestrated at high levels (Corps and above) and the “7” coordinates at lower levels. Under the latest Army Doctrine, Inform and Influence is a Commander’s activity. Recent conflicts have shown that IIA (Inform and Influence Activities) are high priority.

We in the MISO community feel we are a bit more equal than the other “information related activities”, also MISO extends into the civilian world and dovetails with much of what Department of State does.

My paranoia tells me that MISO will be under represented because the IO Officer or IIA Officer (G/S 7) is now the advocate for MISO as it relates to Cyber Operations. According to one of the participants (Christopher McConnell): “2015 MTOE at BDE reflects the IO as integrator by placing EW, MISO, CA under the IO in the Non lethal operations section”

I’m anxious to hear what y’all out there have to say.

Photo source is the Webinar slides.


Anonymous said...

Would be interested in your take on the "7" positions now going away, with those equities now resting in the associated 3 shops.

Lawrence Dietz said...

@Anon. Moving from a named staffer, albeit a low level one, into the bowels of any shop is not forward progress. Number staff officers get a voice. While their rank and function may not make them equals, they get a chance to state their case. When you are one of the minions, this is simply not the case.