Friday, April 11, 2014

Senior PSYOP

Over the years I’ve blogged about world events and many exotic locations. Today’s subject matter is much more close to home. In June of 2010 my wife and I moved into an “Over 55 Community”. I prefer to call it El Pueblo Para Los Viejos.

Since many of my fellow residents are fully retired, they often have nothing much to do besides play golf (which I don’t). This also means there is a crisis of some sort going on all the time.

They range from what do about the deer population (one jumped over a 3 foot fence to munch on my roses on our patio) to swimming hours for children, to whether or not we need a new gym.

The latest brouhaha is about changing the Community’s extensive set of by-laws. The substance is not important, but I thought some of leaflets being dropped in my mailbox were pretty good PSYOP/MISO examples and that it was worthwhile to share.

First of all the creators of this leaflet knew their audience and knew them well. They were intimately aware of past crises and things that people are passionate about.

Golf and Tennis are two key activities here, so focusing on them was a great idea. The cartoons are easy to understand and put the reader in the picture immediately.

The other two address recent controversies and are equally well done.

The text is minimal. It’s in larger type making it easier to read and showing familiarity with the audience.

The desired action stands out – BIGGER BOLDER LETTERS!

I should add that the campaigns (on both sides) have featured flyers, e-mails and letters to the editor of the Community Newspapers.

Bottom Line: Unlike many other skills you might learn in the service, your PSYOP/MISO background will be valuable to you throughout your life.

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