Friday, August 19, 2011

Information Engagement Is Fine – But Sometimes Kinetic Works Better

The Middle East is among the most complex of all information engagement battlefields. Religious and historical overtones often over shadow political realities and generations of conflict lead to an inbred sort of hatred that is generally hard to overcome with reason and/or economic incentives.

The BBC of 19 August 2011 reported “Israel strikes Gaza after Palestinian rockets in Ashdod” ( Violent attacks were also reported against Israelis near Eilat. Israel blames Hamas who in turn claims it cannot control everyone in its territory and that Israel killed children. (Photo source: Getty Images from the cited website)

Media in Gaza continue to show anti-Israeli programs to audiences of all ages and Israel for its part tries to bolster its position on the world stage while attempting to assuage its own population.

Rockets from Gaza are met with air strikes. Groups claiming responsibility for attacks on Israel find themselves targets.

The Israeli government, unlike the US government is more than willing to quickly commit lethal force when it feels that commitment is justified and in its best interests. From a MISO/PSYOP perspective, one would expect that these kinetic actions are complemented by cyber attacks aimed at high value targets via their mobile phones, e-mail, etc.

While militants put on a tough face in public, they cannot change how they feel inside when it appears that the bell is indeed tolling for them.


Voodoo said...

Sorry, have to disagree again. Palestinian terrorists revel in the opportunity to martyr themselves. hearing the bell toll means that in their death they will motivate tens more to step up and take their place. PSYOP isn't just about information engagement, its about modifying the target's behavior. Israel recently started expanding settlements in the West Bank again, full well knowing that this would result in further attacks.

Voodoo said...

btw - is there a way to private message you? I have something you might be interested in seeing.

Lawrence Dietz said...

My point was that sometimes information is not the best weapon. Direct contact: