Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The PSYOP of Valentine’s Day

Since President Obama gave his State of the Union address last night and we’re all worried about sequestering and the sky falling, I thought I would lighten the mood with this week’s posting.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day which is sometimes referred to as “National Guilt Day”. The price of roses more than doubles, the TV blares jewelry commercials day and night. Not to mention the barrage of chocolate commercials and solicitations by school groups entreating the world to buy See’s Candy or some other treat for your special valentine.

A very long time ago I learned not to buy my wife (HRH the QM) clothes. If they were too small I heard “do you expect me to wear that?” If they were too big it was “Do you think I’m that fat?” Clearly either was a no win situation.

Jewelry is always a good choice. Easy to pack and fits all the time. Finding the right jewelry and the cost are downsides to consider.

The perfect solution would be a gift that is romantic, guaranteed to please and one that has a residual effect during the year.

Last year I hit upon such a gift and a gift where part of the price is tax deductible as well! One of our local non-profit organizations supports a park. (see

They offer an “Adopt A Rose” package. While it’s available all year, it gets the most traction for Valentine’s Day. The donor writes an inscription which gets posted on the rose of his (or her choice) in the park’s Heritage Rose Garden. The recipient gets a big red box with ribbon that contains: a certificate, a box of chocolates and a card. The card is taken to a local florist where a free rose every month can be picked up.

This is a winning campaign. Not only does your valentine get a great gift on ‘the day’, but you can present a rose (which you don’t pay for) every month for a year AND you can plan a special trip to the park on a nice sunny day and admire your rose. Followed by an appropriate outing or meal.

If that’s not enough - when you fill out your 2013 taxes you get a deduction and support a worthy cause.

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